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Facilitator Page - 2014

If you would like to have the opportunity and privilege of facilitating a workshop at this year’s DAIS conference, now is the time to sign up! All of the workshops to be facilitated are listed below. I will try to assign everyone to a workshop(s) of their choice.

The deadline for signing up for facilitating workshops is Friday, April 4, 2014. You can also sign up on the DAIS website...Go to ‘2014 Facilitator workshop selection form’. The facilitator assignments should be announced around Thursday, April 10.

***Remember that in order to facilitate at the conference, you must attend required facilitator training, regardless of your prior experience! Facilitator training sessions are listed and available for sign up on the DAIS web site...Go to '2014 Facilitator Training schedule'. You must sign up to attend at least one session.

I look forward to the best DAIS conference in our 15 year history!


Each Facilitator will be assigned to no more than two conference workshops. Affinity Group facilitation is separate from the two workshop limit.

*BYOB: Bring Your Own Beliefs* Religion's affect on your family dynamics. Are your beliefs chosen or dictated?


*Diva: (n) - The female version of a hustler* Who is a modern feminist? Who/what sets the standard?

*Does it take a village to raise a child?* Who really controls a child's growth and development?

*"I am not exotic, I am exhausted!"* When does sexual preference become a fetish?

*Is Bigger Really Better?* Objectification- is it gender exclusive? Are men just as affected as women?

*It's 2014- Do you know where your culture is?* When a 'culture' becomes a trend, where do we draw the line?

*Keep It Under Wraps* Freedom of religious and cultural expression- is it possible?


*Made in America * Who is American? At what point do you start 'being' American?


*Masquerade* Do you feel comfortable expressing your sexual orientation?

*Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (Pretty Hurts)!* The world's command over our bodies and our appearance.


*New York's Finest* Police/civilian relations; enforced laws, preserved peace, reduced fear, safe environment for all?

*Silence is Golden. Duct Tape is Silver* Do we live in a rape culture? Is it 'just having fun'? Who are the real victims?

*Snap, Crackle, Pop (Music)* Pop culture's influence on society and music, or is it the other way around?

*The "Best" of Both Worlds* The pros and cons of being a person of color in independent schools.


* What do your parents do?* How comfortable are you talking about socio-economic class in school?


*What We Don't Know Still Hurts Us* Is there enough awareness and attention given to emotional disability and youth?

*Who's it gonna be? * Race, sex, age, etc.; what matters most when you think about dating?


*“You can't sit with us!”* Where do you think you fit in? Where do you want to fit?

*Affinity Groups* We need at least 30 people to sign up to facilitate the affinity groups, based on Family Structure.


The Family Structure groups are:


Single parent- one parent household


Same sex parents- two parent household of the same gender


Divorced/Separated- parents who are no longer in a relationship


Remarried- parent(s) who have a relationship with someone other than your own parent


Widow/Widower- one parent is deceased


Guardians- caretaker(s) other than birth parent(s)


Extended family- household including parent(s) and extended family members


'Nuclear'- two parents of opposite sex


"My family"- household not covered by the previous categories

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